Art Trade Hellmann is presenting you an extract from his very extensive range of approximately 5,000 works of art.

We appreciate offers of high-quality paintings, sculptures and antiques, but also interesting low-cost art objects. The assortment of artists is reaching from painters of the 17th century on Eastern European to contemporary artists. Our focus is on so called “Leipziger Schule”!   Additionally we are providing high-quality works of art. Please as for current status.

Hellmann Art Trade welcomes offers of high-quality paintings, sculptures, graphics, antique furniture, silver and porcelain and idiosyncratic individual objects at any time. Do offer gladly art collections!

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We are constantly looking for antiques and paintings of the 17th to 21th century

For an estimate of your antiques and paintings, please contact us. You can call us at 0049-(0)151-17 27 75 12 or send us an email at post@artworld24.com

We also visit to your residenceprior clarification of your offerOur home visit and the first assessment of the marketability of her paintings are free of charge, in case a following purchaseWe are fundamentally interested in all good paintings and basement or attic finds. We also organize the transport of your paintingso there are no troubles for you.


If required, we will gladly come to you and examine the works of art on the spot. Our headquarter is in Leipzig, but nationwide, we are on the road for our customers and have several representatives, who like to care for your concerns. Painting estimates is one of our core businesses and we are looking forward to your message. Call us right now!